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Our Logo Design Malaysia Services

Logo design is a critical aspect of every business’s identity. Businesses need to have an eye-catching and unique logo in order to capture and retain customers’ attention.  A professional logo design Malaysia agency provides custom logo design and branding solutions made with the perfect combination of creativity, and the right tools & technology at a competitive price. 

Professional logo designers in Malaysia can help accurately portray the business’s desired brand image while also limiting any budget constraints. If you’re looking for the best logo designer in Malaysia, look no further than our team of creative masterminds!

Corporate Logo Design Malaysia Services

Logo design is an important aspect of a business’s branding strategy. It should reflect the company’s personality, values and mission in a creative and memorable way. Malaysia is a highly dynamic country with numerous creative professionals, making it an ideal place to find talented designers for logo designs.

Types of Logo Design Malaysia Services

Logo design has become a very important factor in making sure that your company stands out from the competition. A good logo design should be simple and have a strong visual impact that can easily stick to the customers’ minds.

logo design services malaysia

1. Mascot Logo Design

Mascot logo design is an approach used by some companies to give more personality and a familiar feeling to the brand. This popular logo design involves characters or a visual representation of the business.

Those seeking out a good logo designer in Malaysia for their mascot should find logos from logo design Malaysia agencies that capture local trends, colours and emotions as they can gain more traction locally.

2. Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark logo design is an ideal visual identity for businesses in Malaysia. It can help distinguish a business from its competitors, establish an impactful visual expression and make it recognizable. Besides, a wordmark also allows businesses to use their name or brand message as the main element of their logo design.

A good wordmark should be size-adjustable and fit different sizes whether it’s a mobile screen or billboard. Additionally, for corporate companies, the use of colours in their emblem should stay consistent with their company’s perception to make sure the colour associated with the specific brand remains solid in the public’s minds.

Lastly, with direct appeal and visibility, a wordmark is claimed to be remembered much more easily compared to other ideas of logos like graphics or mascots.

3. Lettermark/Monogram Logo Design

Lettermark brand logo designs in Malaysia are a great way to complement the marketing activities of your enterprise and create a strong visual impact on potential customers. These logos can be used to represent your business on all sorts of material, including printed flyers, web design and signage.

Lettermarks provide an efficient way of conveying what your enterprise is about without the need for visuals. A well-designed lettermark will be easily recognizable even when colored or scaled up/down, making it an excellent choice for marketing materials. Plus, with the skills of experienced logo design professionals in Malaysia, you can create an original lettermark that truly reflects the message you want to convey about your business.

4. Abstract Logo Design

In Malaysia, there has been an increasing demand for abstract logo designs for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd.

Abstract logos are eye-catching enough to draw attention and get people talking about the brand– something that traditional logos cannot achieve quite as easily. Abstract logo designs are great to convey the values of the business using just a symbol.

5. Combination Mark Logo Design

Combination mark logos are creative designs that integrate images and text into one logo. They are one of the most popular forms of logo design in Malaysia as they highlight a company’s brand and unique message. Combination mark logos have the power to captivate viewers, making it easier for businesses to stand out from their competition.

Logo design in Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular as more companies seek to reach a broader audience with their messaging. Combination mark logos give companies an opportunity to communicate what makes them unique through the combination of images and text that have been carefully crafted. They also work well for companies with multiple products or services, allowing them to make full use of this logo type’s potential.

6. Letterforms Logo Design

Logo design is a creative way to communicate your brand message or visual identity to the public. Letterforms logo design is one method of logo design that uses letters or typographic images in order to create a unique and visually appealing logo. Letterform logos have the potential to be eye-catching, memorable, and timeless.

Malaysia has embraced letterform logos with its vibrant corporate culture, making it an ideal place for logo designers to offer engaging letterform designs. Through careful consideration of font style, size, colour, and composition, logo designers can create letterform logos that capture the essence of an organization while encouraging brand loyalty.

Our Logo Design Malaysia Services Process

#1. Understanding your business

Before starting with the logo design, our team of logo designers will understand the business better. We will understand the company’s vision, mission, goals and values to come up with creative concepts.

#2. Exploring the potential aspects of the design

We will come up with various concepts based on typography, colour and so on. From there, our team of logo designers will present several options.

#3. Creating mood boards and mock-ups

From there, we will design several mood boards as well as real logo mock-ups before finalising the design.

#4. Refine & finalise the design

Upon confirmation, we will produce the chosen design including any branding materials required.


Logo design is the process of creating a unique graphical logo which represents a company or an organization and their values. The logo should be easily identifiable and recognizable in order to establish brand identity. Professional logo designers in Malaysia can create logos that are creative and tailored to the client’s brand goals. 


They are experienced in creating various logo concepts, working with various forms of illustration, and utilizing digital tools for effective logo digitization. As part of the graphic design process, the designer carefully considers text font, size, features and colours to ensure the finished product projects professionalism, conveys emotion or message through style or imagery, presenting unity between text and image.

Creating a logo design requires a certain level of creativity. Our team of logo design experts are well-equipped with the right creative brain to come up with aesthetic logo designs.

Please provide us with your logo design requirements and share with us your overall idea of how you want your logo design to be.

On average, it would take 5 working days. However, it would depend on the size of the project as well.

You may contact +60 11-1017 1962 or send your enquiry to and we will be in touch with you shortly with a quote. 

Professional Logo Design Services Malaysia

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